Your Internet presence is completely dependent on the look, the feel, and the impact of your web site.

In the world we live in increasingly people are turning to the Internet to find information, and if you don’t have a presence on the Internet you will not only be making it more difficult for people to find you, but you will be sending the wrong message. My goal is to work with you to effectively communicate your story.

Let me help you to put your best foot forward in this rapidly changing and competitive medium.

Website Administration & Management Services

After your site is completed, I can teach you how to make text changes and add pages yourself online. If you are too busy to maintain your site you can contract with me to make periodic updates.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

A quality design aesthetic is virtually useless without a well-executed back-end architecture to support it.

The future for fully functional websites with an integrated blog system and built in CMS (Content Management System) is a website designed on the WordPress platform. WordPress blogs are powerful online marketing tools that help establish you as an expert in your industry. The capabilities of using WordPress as a website are endless.

Why do I use WordPress:

  • WordPress  is a good value. WordPress is free in its basic and usual form.
  • WordPress is Useful/Usable. Right out of the box, it gives good basic functionality.
  • WordPress is Customizable. A great many modified versions for special purposes are available. More can be had by employing a custom designer like myself.
  • WordPress is Stable. WordPress works, is secure, not quirky, highly reliable and continuously being improved with updates.
  • WordPress is great, and what makes it even better is you can update your content or create a new post from your mobile phone.


Take a look at my website design portfolio to see my work.


Social Media

Social media are media for social interaction, using highly accessible and scalable publishing techniques. Social media use web-based technologies to transform and broadcast media monologues into social media dialogues. They support the democratization of knowledge and information and transform people from content consumers to content producers.

Andreas Kaplan and Michael Haenlein define social media as “a group of Internet-based applications that build on the ideological and technological foundations of Web 2.0, and that allow the creation and exchange of user-generated content”[Users of the world, unite! The challenges and opportunities of social media, Business Horizons, 2010, Vol. 53, Issue 1, p. 59-68.].

Businesses also refer to social media as user-generated content (UGC) or consumer-generated media (CGM). Social media utilization is believed to be a driving force in defining the current period as the Attention Age. A common thread running through all definitions of social media is a blending of technology and social interaction for the co-creation of value.