For You:


Should you set up Google apps cloud?

How can your organization make better use of Social Media:

Do you use twitter?  Should you? How can you use social media to get your word out. From Facebook, Twitter, Google+ LinkedIn and more.

Strategic Planning: Create an overall  thematic identity

An important aspect of creating a unique visual identity (in the marking world “brand identity”) is to be consistent.  It all starts with your logo.


For Churches:


Church & Technology

Did you know that one of the oldest form of technology is the wheel. Another way to describe technology is to say that it is a human innovation in action that assists us address to a problem.  I can help your church figure out what technology can best address your needs.


Worship Consultation: a) Integrating visual media in worship  b) the church that is emerging

I have a deep passion for collaborative worship planning. I can work with your people to plan an multisensory experiential worship gathering.