Everything that I create is customized for your needs and your budget. Contact me to begin the conversation. The initial consultation costs nothing. I am here to assist you in reaching your objectives, whether you are an individual, a church, a nonprofit, an organization, or someone building a personal website.

Creation of a project

  • Website: Most companies that create websites charge based on x # pages, x # users, and x amount of storage space and then a monthly fee. The price just keeps going goes up and up. That is fine for those who are creating websites for profit.  I work with people I know and trust. I work with organizations that I believe in. I create to help others communicate their message.  I have a flat rate of $600 + 40 (annual hosting fee) for creating a site.
  • Email: Something many churches and nonprofits are interested in is setting up a free Google workspace for nonprofits account. With this you can set up unlimited emails with @your-url.org. And then you also get 100 terabytes of shared cloud storage, 100 participant video meetings, shared calendars, and the whole google suite of apps. I am able to apply and set that up for $160. 

  • Print, Video, Digital Presentation: After an initial conversation about the project we will come to an agreement based upon the time spent + difficulty of the project, usually at $40hr rate.



Site Updating and Management

a) I can make the updates as you need. My standard rate is $40/hr

b) We can setup a website maintenance contract what are your needs for updating for the year:
     Weekly pr Monthly Updating, or As Need.

c) On-Site Training: I can train someone in your organization to maintain the site, with me as backup support if you encounter trouble.  Training fee and backup support at my standard hourly rate.

Consultation & Other Digital Projects

  • Consultation: As Agreed Upon + Travel Expenses
  • Digital Presentation:  As Agreed Upon
  • Print: As Agreed Upon


Contact me and we can come to an agreement on a reasonable price.