aka: Digital Handyman

I have been raised on technology from playing Lemonade Stand on the family Apple IIc Plus (circa 1988 – I was in Second grade) to building a crystal radio and beyond.

Modeled on the personal financial advisor, the personal technologist navigates the muddied waters of technology to take the pain out of technology and make the gadgets work for you.

I offer an on-site service that is fast and convenient! By coming to you, I save you the hassle of taking your product to the shop. In most cases, I will have you up and running the same day.

Who Needs a Personal Technologist?


If any of these symptoms sound familiar,
I recommend considering a session with a personal technologist.

  • Overwhelmed by the flood of information.
  • Anxious about what you don’t know.
  • Frustrated by gadgets that don’t work.
  • Keep meaning to figure how to get that thing to work properly, if only you had the time.
  • Caught yourself saying, ‘It can’t be this hard to…’
  • I don’t want to attempt to call a customer service line.

These are the reasons that drove me to help people with the technical overload.


What types of things can I do?

  •  Computer Maintenance, Upgrades, and Repair
    I can quickly fix and optimize your computer to correct your slow computer, fight viruses, and prevent spy-ware. I can help you get more from your computer by installing additional memory and storage, DVD/CD burners, and more! Don’t forget: proper maintenance of your computer can help prevent crashes!
  •  Advice and Instruction
    Computer technology changes daily. I can evaluate your needs and help you select the correct computer system, gadget, or add-on. Need help setting up a new camera? Then I can provide one-on-one training to help get you started with your new or existing computer or gadgets. What’s more, I come to you so you can work at your own pace at your own computer.
  •  Internet and Networking
    A broadband Internet connection gets you to the information you need faster. Add Wi-Fi, and you can surf the web from any room in the house! I can help set up your home or office network and enable your computers to share data, the Internet, and printers.
  •  Safe Internet, SPAM, and Viruses
    If you’re a parent, as I am, you’re probably concerned about your kids surfing the Internet and want to make sure they do so safely. I can set up your network to protect your kids from undesirable websites, instant messages, and advertisements. Additionally, I can help you in detecting viruses on you computers, safely removing them, and providing ongoing protection. Also, by setting up a firewall on your computer or network, I can help you protect your private data from hackers and other Internet threats.