Everything that I create is customized for your needs and your budget. Contact me to begin the conversation. The initial consultation costs nothing. I am here to assist you in reaching your objectives, whether you are an individual, a church, a nonprofit, an organization, or someone building a personal website.

Creation of a project

  • Website: Most companies that create websites charge based on # pages, # users, and an amount of GB’s of storage.  …and the price goes up and up. That is fine for those who are creating websites for profit. People need to support themselves and their families I work with people I know and trust. I work with organizations that I believe in.
    I create to help others communicate their message.
    I have a flat rate of $600 + 40 (annual hosting fee) for creating a site.
  • Print, Video, Digital Presentation: After an initial conversation about the project we will come to an agreement based upon the time spent + difficulty of the project, usually at $40hr rate.

Site Updating and Management

  • a) I can make the updates as you need. My standard rate is $40/hr
  • b) We can setup a website maintenance contract what are your needs for updating for the year:
      • Weekly Updating – 52 weeks x $40/hr = $2,080.00 – 50% (contract discount) = Your Total is $1040 ($20/hr) Annually
      • Monthly Updating  –  Sometimes you just need to update occasionally adding new information to keep your site up-to-date.  Assuming that this will take about an hour or two setting up an agreement  (contract discount) = $480 Annually
      • As Need:   $40/hr
    • c) On-Site Training: I can train someone in your organization to maintain the site, with me as backup support if you encounter trouble.  Training fee and backup support at my standard hourly rate.

Consultation & Other Digital Projects

  • Consultation: As Agreed Upon + Travel Expenses
  • Digital Presentation:  As Agreed Upon
  • Print: As Agreed Upon 


Contact us and we can come to an agreement on a reasonable price.