Sunday School Classes

D.A.V.I.D. (Doing A Very Important Deed) Class (Rm 301)

The D.A.V.I.D. class is a group of young individuals who are strongly interested in missions and doing good deeds.  This class welcomes all people and always enjoys open-minded discussions.  The members of the D.A.V.I.D. class have the love of Jesus in their hearts and enjoy developing friendships as well as sharing fellowship with Christ and one another.  Please come and enjoy the fun!


B.I.G. (Believers In God) Class (Room 220)

Here you will find young couples and singles in their 30’s and 40’s.  They are always welcoming new arrivals from Vance Air Force Base! BIG enjoys Bible study as well as discussion topics on current issues young adults/families face.  They hold fellowship times (with and without kids) throughout the year.  However, they may be best known for their breakfast “spread” on Sunday mornings, a time to visit before class.


ABC (A Basic Covenant) Class (Room 224)

Here you will find a diverse group of mostly married couples in their 40’s and 50’s.  ABC welcomes anyone looking for a caring class for study and fellowship.  Topics cover a wide range of subjects including individual and corporate spiritual growth, current events, and nurturing relationships.  The ABC class socializes throughout the year and raises money for various mission projects with their annual Thanksgiving bake sale.


Montgomery Class (Room 226)

Here you will find married couples and singles in their 50’s plus who enjoy a variety of studies from the Bible and DVD series led both by class members and outside teachers.  They enjoy social gatherings in members’ homes.  Along with hands-on mission work, they also support a variety of outreach projects in the community.


John Russell Class (Room 217)

Here you will find a group of middle-aged adults who enjoy a variety of subjects including Bible studies, family issues, and the application of Christian principles.  They enjoy times of fellowship throughout the year and also support several mission projects.


Faith Quest Class (Room 221)

Here you will find a diverse group of ages and stages from married to single to attending singly.  All are welcome.  Most Sunday mornings the class starts with a “discussion starter” question which often leads to a lively and humorous discussion.  Short video segments are often watched as a launching pad for more in depth discussion about faith and daily living.  Periodically the class delves into a book study.


TNT (Tried And True) Class (Room 223)

Here you will find a class made up of couples and others primarily in their 60’s, 70’s and 80’s who share responsibility for teaching from their own perspective.  The teachings and discussions cover a variety of subjects.  TNT selects and supports mission projects in the community and within the church while still finding time for fellowship gatherings.


Sooner Class (Room 225)

Here you will find couples and others 65 and older.  Following a time of good fellowship, there is a lecture primarily from the Adult Bible Study series provided by a rotating group of teachers.  Sooner supports several church projects throughout the year.  They also enjoy times for social activities.


Friendship Class (Parlor)

Here you will find an older class with couples and singles.  Friendship class begins each week with singing and prayer, followed by a lecture type lesson with a rotating group of teachers who teach from the Adult Bible Study series.  They have a long history of regular support for the Holsinger Home children and New Day Camp.  In addition, they support other mission projects as they arise.  The class is true to its name; they show care and concern for one another and are always happy to welcome a new member to their fellowship.