Design Philosophy:   When designing a site I look at the big picture. What are the goals of your site? What is the mission of your Church, non-profit, or organization? The Answer to these two questions will guide the creation of the site. In most case the web site organization mimics the existing organizational structure.

Aesthetics:   The Dalai Lama once said that simplicity is the key to happiness in the modern world. This philosophy can be adapted into the realm of web design and digital interface design. However, simplicity doesn’t equal boring. Simplicity is an approach which often creates the most beautiful and the most usable results. The main focus of a web site is content and up-to-date content at that. However, text easily disappears if placed in an improperly designed environment, and excels when appearing in a well-designed context.

Most of what I have said as of yet is not unique to me web design. The aspect that comes from my artistic or creative perspective is principle that I call Organic Web Design. There is beauty in your church, your people, your mission, your service, your cause, principles, or your event. The goal is to mix content with images. That is translation of concepts to images, that prevail our web savvy world.

This might be done using digitized photo of the action, a piece of art work, or a stain glass window. The idea is for the audience to be familiar with the physical location by visiting the virtual site.

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